—Henry David Thoreau

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined."

The Nexus Innovations Story

In 2000, two people had a dream of creating a high level strategic consulting company in the Roughrider state of North Dakota in order to serve clients in the Great Plains Region.

Their dream consisted of building the type of business they would want to do business with…and work for. A business that had a purpose and strategic mission reaching beyond just “doing business” and would provide services that genuinely helped organizations be more successful and reach the next level. They wanted to be known as the “go to” firm that delivers practical and innovative solutions with effective results. To achieve this dream, it would be essential to hire people with the same vision to provide leadership and deliver success, while developing a culture of trust and open communication.

Knowing hard work, persistence and creative vision would be needed to make it all come together, Bob and Lorie Pope were convinced that with God’s guidance it would become reality. They worked to develop a culture that had the special touch of friendship and fun, in which employees and clients knew they were working with people who truly cared, and would make a difference for their organization.

The dream took hold. In 2000, Nexus Innovations opened its first office in Bismarck, North Dakota and others with the same dream joined them. People took notice that they could trust Nexus Innovations to deliver the highest quality IT consulting and services. In 2008, another office was opened in Fargo, North Dakota to better serve clients in the eastern region. In time, Nexus Innovations grew its staff to be able to handle the needs of the largest firms in the region.

The core purpose of Nexus Innovations is to empower clients for success through strategic solutions. We listen and ask questions to determine a client’s needs, and then decide if we have the right resources to help the organization succeed. We realize that we are not the right fit for everyone. If we don’t believe we are the best fit, we tell you. If we believe we can help you accomplish your goals, then we offer our services. We want to create a long-term, trust relationship with clients that have that same desire.

Nexus Innovations has emerged as one of the leading strategic IT consulting firms in the region. That reason goes beyond delivering an outstanding product – the difference is our people, and the trust we build with clients. So give us a call, or better yet, stop in for a cup of coffee and see how we can help empower your company for greater success.

And so the dream became reality.