Nexus Innovations’ Executive Vice President Co-Hosts John Maxwell L2: Learn-Lead Simulcast

Lorie Pope co-hosted the John Maxwell L2: Learn-Lead Simulcast in Bismarck, ND. The half-day training event focused on questions successful leaders ask and how to do it effectively in order to reach the next level in leadership.

Leadership can energize and motivate you. It can take a lot out of you, too. You need encouragement. You need inspiration to continue to pour into the lives of those you lead.

That's why the first-ever simulcast, L2: Learn-Lead, was held to breathe new life into your leadership, empowering you and your team as you learn and lead others to the next level of achievement. Raising the lid on your potential and increasing your team's capacity requires new awareness, new thoughts and fresh insights. The training focused on navigating past challenges to new opportunities by advancing skills and multiplying the strength of your team through dedicated, on-purpose training with John Maxwell, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Tim Sanders. The next event will be held October 9, 2015.