The Nexus Innovations Approach

Change is a constant in the information age, and choosing the right management and technology solutions can give your business a competitive advantage over the competition. Technology in the right hands, with the right support, can be a strategic asset. You may not be quite certain which course to take and you know there may be some unforeseen challenges along the way. Choosing the right partner to work alongside and guide you in the process is tantamount to bringing about success.

At Nexus Innovations, we are committed to developing and delivering innovative and practical solutions to ensure your technology projects will produce strategic results and the process will be rewarding. Each member of the Nexus team is steeped in learning and leadership; and driven by a culture of service as you entrust us to lead the way. Founded in 2000, we’ve carefully grown our firm through strategic, results-driven projects that deliver great customer experiences and earn long-term client loyalty.

When doing business with Nexus Innovations you can expect:

 Simply said, we say what we mean, and do what we say. Our clients should expect nothing less.

 We value the process of learning about our clients and their requirements. Understanding equips us for success.

 Our solutions will be innovative, practical, and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

 Quality is far less costly than re-work.

 Collaboration fosters better ideas, enables change, and delivers solutions that are accepted by all stakeholders.

 We are committed to our clients and respond to them with an acknowledgement of that fact.

Nexus Innovations’ history of successful management and technology implementations have led us to identify and embrace the following guiding principles, which define in part the approach we bring to our projects:

  • Successful technology projects are cultural, not just technical. Implemented correctly, successful IT projects have a positive impact on information management, communication, and collaboration throughout the entire organization — a true impact on how an organization works. Our approach recognizes this cultural impact from Day One, and it is reflected in the amount of effort dedicated to planning and change management.

  • Plan for Success. Projects that have such a broad impact on an organization require a focused deliberate planning cycle in order to ensure success. Having a solid Communications Plan, Training Plan, and Support Plan are critical to positive user adoption and successful cultural change. We believe that project teams need to not only plan for a successful project, but also need to plan for what happens when the project is successful. New systems empower users to directly manage information for which they are responsible, and can enable them to develop their own solutions to their business issues.

  • Crawl, Walk, Run. A multi-generational, evolutionary project approach is essential to meeting timelines, controlling scope, and managing expectations, while still providing a framework to capture visionary ideas for implementation.

  • Don’t Be a Hammer in Search of Nails.” We have fantastic tools available to us that can be the basis for many business solutions. However, it may not be the best solution for every business problem. We approach business requirements with a fresh, balanced view, and work with our clients to devise the best solution, regardless of the technology used to implement that solution. In short, knowing when not to use new systems is as important as knowing when to use them.

In summary, our holistic approach to projects ensures success, and supports our vision of enabling great companies to become greater through process improvement and leading-edge technology.